The sea is angry and I am sick

The sea is white with churning water and rough waves. Yesterday and last night the winds were the strongest I’ve seen here, and sounded like the building was blowing away. Balcony furniture was blown away, flying through the air and shattering on the ground. I can’t imagine anyone starting a voyage across from Turkey in this weather, but at least one boat arrived early yesterday morning just before we went to work at Moria. The refugees were soaked with water, but landed safely and made it to the camp. That is the only boat I know of that came in yesterday. Considering the smugglers send the boats off from the coast with no one to captain them, I can’t imagine how this one successfully arrived. I heard that the refugee who ended up at the helm dislocated his shoulder during the passage. No surprise there.

Refugee boats recovered.

While the sea was churning, so were my insides as I got hit with food poisoning in the middle of the day. It was not pretty (never is, I suppose), and I went straight to bed late in the afternoon only to emerge from my room late this morning. While the wind whistled and roared, I tried to sleep it off and was so thankful to have a warm, dry bed in which to suffer. Apparently Hepatitis A (a fecal-borne disease) has been identified at Idomeni, and I just think about those poor people as uncomfortable as I was, but without a dry, warm place to rest and recover. Awful.

Athens ferry
Athens ferry–every refugee’s next goal.

I’ve been trying to figure out something cheerful to write about as I have heard from a number of people that my posts are depressing. These were not complaints, just reactions. And, I agree, they are depressing. But, I just can’t find a way to put a positive spin on any of this. Yes, we volunteers are giving it a noble effort to help and reach out and support and encourage. But really, let’s be honest, this situation is downright horrible and doesn’t look be improving anytime soon, if at all. That is the unfortunate reality, and one that I just can’t sugar-coat no matter how I try. For a great overview of the situation, and a really engaging video, check out this video.  It won’t be uplifting, but none of it is.

3 thoughts on “The sea is angry and I am sick

  1. Your reportage is key to my understanding the horrible, dramatic extremes that people are experiencing. Don’t worry about the negative hitting us hard. We need to know. We love you and your grit for being there to help and to tell us what there is to learn.


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