Book a vacation to Molyvos!

Alright, maybe you never considered a vacation on a Greek island. Or maybe, you didn’t think it was appealing until you heard that half of Syria was headed here and maybe they knew something you didn’t. Whatever the rationale, I’m here to confirm that a vacation to Molyvos is a GREAT idea, and now more than ever. Really.

I spent today taking it easy again and recovering from the damage done by my internal storm while the north end of the island recovered from the wind storm outside. I walked into Molyvos and visited the castle properly (had only seen it from the outside before), admired the incredible views, and stopped at the local bakery for an 80 cent raisin bread. Yep, 80 cents, folks. You can’t get a better vacation deal in Europe right now than this island. I’m convinced of it. Unfortunately, due to the the refugee crisis, the usual vacationers are canceling their regular visits planned for this summer, bookings are down about 80% according to some sources, and the locals are really concerned about how they will survive the summer season without customers. As if Greece didn’t already have it bad economically, this is a blow to the knees for sure.

So, in an effort to entice friends and family to consider a vacation on a spectacular Greek island where the views are tremendous, the hospitality is delightful and the food is gastronomically unmatched, I’m sharing photos from my walkabout this morning. These images are all within a 45 minute walk from my hotel. If you’re thinking about a European vacation, please consider Lesbos. If you’re dreaming of a vacation somewhere sometime, please enjoy these photos and let them carry you through your day as you take a vacation in your mind.

Clockwise from upper left: Eftalou beach; Molyvos side-street; Turkish coast vista; Molyvos castle gate with Arabic inscription above; billy goat; octopus legs drying; Molyvos grocery; residential gate; lambing season; view of Molyvos from the castle wall.


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